Azure Pipelines, DevOps

Configure ACR – Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps allows us to create a service connection to an Azure Container Registry (ACR) to then use in your pipelines.

Setup ACR in Pipelines

I don’t currently have an ACR so I’ll use the Azure CLI to create one to use for this article.

Login to Azure

az login

Create the resource group for the registry

az group create --name taz-acr-group --location uksouth

Create the container

az acr create --resource-group taz-acr-group --name tazcontainers --sku Basic

Now I have a container registry I can configure Azure DevOps.

In Azure DevOps go to project settings

Then select service connections

Then new service connection

Then select docker registry

Select ACR and the fill in the details for the registry

Make sure you tick ‘Grant access permissions to all pipelines’ and save the connection.

Your new connection will appear in the service connections list.

And that’s it, your connection is now ready to be used in your project pipelines.